Friday, August 28, 2009

The Potato State

I've now been in Rexburg, Idaho for about a week. The first few days I spent mostly just gathering things for school and for my apartment. Now that I have most of that stuff out of the way, I am working as a slave at the Craze Fun Zone; the laser tag, black light mini-golf and restaurant combo that Chris manages ( I guess it's only fair, since I have been living under his roof and mooching off his food for the past week! Chris, LaTrisha, Taylor and I are going to take a trip up to Yellowstone on Sunday to go camping. I can't wait! Unfortunately, I do not have a camera out here, so I probably won't be able to post any cool pictures of the trip. Oh well. I'll see what I can do!
...Until next time, kids!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Teeth of Wisdom"

That's right... I now have a blog! Now that I'm finally leaving the nest, I figured that it's about time I follow the examples of all my siblings and start a blog. I'll try to update it just as frequently as life at BYU-I will allow.
I might as well officially start my blog off by talking about my wisdom teeth, which I had removed on Monday. I learned about two weeks ago that all four were likely to sprout during my mission, pushing other teeth out of the way, if I did not get them taken out. The surgery wasn't too bad. I still think that the worst part was when they stuck my arm with the IV... I am NOT a fan of needles!!! I'm recovering like a champ and was able to start running again on Wednesday. The puffiness didn't last very long, either. My teeth are now mission-ready!