Thursday, September 17, 2009


That's right... I'll say it again. I got a camera! And since every picture is worth 1000 words, keeping this blog updated will be much less of a hassle. Last week, Chris, LaTrisha, Taylor and I all went up for a ride in a Grumman Cheetah. We got to fly around the Grand Tetons and the Palisades. The view was just beautiful! Taylor had to be really cute and grab the yoke while I was holding him, so naturally we had to get pictures of it!

Oh yeah, I'm in Army ROTC. To get into the "Ranger Challenge" class that I wanted, I had to pass a PT test (running, sit-ups, push-ups), which wasn't really all that hard. I was issued two full sets of ACU's, including blouses, trousers, boots, a cap and a kevlar helmet. In addition to all that, they also gave me a large duffel bag, a ruck pack, an LBE (with two canteens,) an e-tool (folding shovel), a cold-weather sleeping bag and some other miscellaneous goodies to use for the semester. This morning, I put much of it to good use with a cadenced ruck run. My whole ranger challenge squad had to run a formation 6k, staying in cadence. That was tricky! What made it especially tricky was that each of our rucks had around 25 lbs and we were running up the tallest hill in Rexburg (past the temple.)
So far I love the ROTC program and I love BYU-Idaho. This truly is an amazing place!


  1. ugh i used to hate it when the rotc guys ran by at some unearthly time of morning yelling all their peppy chants.

  2. i didn't even know you had a blog, yo.