Saturday, December 12, 2009


This past Thursday was the BYU-Idaho ROTC Viking Battalion's Military Ball. I took Jenna Headrick as my date. We had a TON of fun! Like all things military, the dinner had a very strict set of rules. Anytime a woman sat down or stood up from the table, all the gentlemen had to rise. If a man needed to leave the table, he first had to ensure that has date was left in "good company." Obviously, elbows on the table and talking with food in your mouth were strictly forbidden. The list of rules was practically endless. The slightest infraction of any of these rules would earn someone the opportunity of drinking from "the grog."
"The grog" consisted of several ingredients that you wouldn't normally see in a drink. It contained tank fuel*, sweat (wrung from a Ranger Challenge t-shirt)*, blood* and sand. All of the items marked with *'s are items that I'm not sure whether they were real or not. All I know is that there is indeed a boot and a helmet floating in it, as seen in the picture on the left. I was very careful to observe all of the rules of the mess, so as to not have to drink the grog, but I was rather curious what it tasted like. After the dinner portion had ended, I went to the edge of the bowl and dipped in a cup. Yes, it does taste as sick as it looks!
After dinner and a talk from a general of the Idaho National Guard there was dancing. This is a picture of SFC Jones and SCF Alston bustin' some sweet moves. I guess you'd have to understand their personalities to find this picture as funny as I do!
It sure was a fun night!

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