Sunday, December 13, 2009

...'Tis The Season!

Today I woke up feeling pretty terrible, so I decided to not embarrass myself by throwing up (or worse) at church. Instead, I watched a six-part movie on YouTube entitled "On The Lord's Errand." It's a really awesome video about Pres. Monson's life. Aside from that, I also made a Christmas tree by rolling up some pages of the BYU-I newspaper, "The Scroll." Displayed proudly at the top is an aluminum foil star. It stands about six feet tall. I'm proud of my decoration. Michael contributed the "tree skirt" (pillow case) and the present (for Caleb).
Michael also brought this little fellow with him on his last trip from home. His name is Wilbur. He lives in our living room, directly over our couch. Remember kids,"HE SEES YOU WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPING!"

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